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Post  Admin on Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:03 am

If you would like to advertise some of your websites then it should be done here. If I see true effort, then I will feature it on the main part of the website, RateMyPTC.me ! Also, please note that it shouldn't be a scam, so join the sites at your own risk(people who join their websites).Also note, we aren't investigating the advertisements on this topic as well unless its requested here.

So now,here are some rules you should to follow to prevent spamming here:

- Briefly explain what your advertisement is about. We would like to know what the site is about instead you begging to join sites. Explaining your advertisement can also motivate a person to join. Cool. 1 paragraph. After that you can post your referral link. I'd hyperlink it if I were you.

- Only one site per post. Its a way to prevent spamming.

- Correct your grammar. I know its hard for me to but try to make it look presentable.

- No replying. This is for advertisements and advertisements only.

- Has to be about making money,points to redeem prizes, or getting free items.

I will add more rules if there is abuse in this topic.

Benefits for advertising:

A review possibly with your referral link in it

Basically If you introduce the site, more than likely you will have the referral link because you deserve to have it.

Best wishes and Enjoy advertising!! study


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